Pricing Overview

Discounts are already built in, such that the more regular hours you commit to the lower the hourly rate.

There are three discount bands: 4 or more hours per week, 8 or more, and 12 or more.

If you are on the Licence Fee Contract all hours are charged at the 1 hour rate.

Under the Regular Hours Contract you can book ad hoc hours whenever you like. These are charged at your prevailing discounted rate plus £5 per hour.

Small Rooms

Our small rooms are in quite short supply. We have just two small rooms at Wimpole Street, The Pantry and The Maid’s Room.

We have plans to create an additional small room at Snow Hill, which will be available as soon as budget allows.

“What stands out is that David chooses his team wisely which makes for a warm, friendly and professional atmosphere.  This transmits to other clinicians, so if you bump into anyone in the corridor, there is a friendliness and professional respect which is so important for us all.”
Dr Jane McNeill, Chartered Psychologist


Dr Jane McNeill Chartered Psychologist

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Medium Rooms

Medium rooms have two easy armchairs, writing desk and chair, with Indonesian teak side furniture. Perfect for one to one sessions.

We have medium rooms aplenty, five at Wimpole Street and three at Snow Hill.

Large Rooms

Large rooms come with a two or three seater sofa, a comfortable armchair, and a sizeable desk. Perfect for one to one sessions and couples.

We have seven large rooms in total, four at Snow Hill and three at Wimpole Street.

“It’s always a pleasure to work at Snow Hill, and with the all the House folk, who couldn’t be nicer or more helpful. The physical environment at Snow Hill is professional, and also nourishing. It’s hard to fault!”
Dr Christopher Whitely, Chartered Psychologist


Dr Christopher Whitely Chartered Psychologist

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Grand Rooms

Our Grand rooms are especially beautiful, from the glorious Dome room at Wimpole Street to the elegant Drawing Room at Snow Hill with its double aspect over gardens and trees.

We have five grand rooms in total, two at Snow Hill and three at Wimpole Street.